Leanne Marshall's Granderson Gown

Are you ready to really glow up for your wedding? We’ve got you covered. Well, partially. Leanna Marshall created the Granderson gown with an ocean goddess like you in mind. Long sleeves, perfect for the afternoon sea breeze, are coated in ornate gray beading with an embellished bodice and hem. A simple row of white satin buttons cinches together down the back and along the inside of its scalloped sleeves. Quick, toss your heels to the side and make your way down the beach before the sun goes down.

Carrot Margarita

A healthy twist on a classic marg? Yes please! Carrot juice, lime, and ginger mixed together sounds like a wellness elixir, but a kick of tequila transforms it from a nourishing morning beverage to an evening drink within seconds. Tequila is said to be great for your gut, so if you ask us, we just made it even more nourishing!

Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2

5 ounces of carrot juice

3 ounces of tequila blanco

1 ounce fresh lime juice

1 ½ ounce ginger liqueur

Carrot tops for garnish

Margarita salt


Place salt in a shallow bowl. Dip rims of two rock glasses in water then lightly dip rims in salt; fill with ice. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice, add carrot juice, tequila, liqueur, and lime juice; secure lid and shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled. Strain margarita into prepared glasses and garnish with carrot tops.

Periwinkle & Sky

Envelop yourself in your royal cloak (or wedding dress) and get ready for a grand entrance in front of your guests. Take a traditional rich purple shade for a spin around the rose garden to give it a more whimsical feel. By incorporating baby pinks, creamy whites, and sky blues into the mix, you’ll create a dreamy atmosphere that will leave your guests wondering what fairyland they’ve wandered into. 

The GBC (gin, basil, and cucumber)

The essence of refreshing summer flavors all in one cup. This cocktail ties in the subtle flavors of cucumber with garden fresh basil to create a light drink perfect for a humid summer night. 


Time: 6 minutes
Serves: 1

3 Basil leaves

3 cucumber slices
Juice of a lime

½ tbsp sugar

½ cup tonic water
½ cup ice

1-ounce gin


Roll two basil leaves together slicing them into smaller pieces. Add sugar to the glass along with 1 ounce of gin. Stirring until dissolved. Add two cucumber slices and two slices basil leaves, muddle 5-10 times. Add lime juice, crushed ice, and tonic water then garnish with a cucumber slice and basil leaf!

Cornflower & Creme

Earth, air, and water are the basis of this toned down spring palette. Baby blues, pale greens, and shades of beige take a cue from the natural elements and make a subtle statement. Draw in dainty floral accents and simple colors to showcase your minimalistic wedding. These colors work seamlessly into a quaint beachside ceremony or even an intimate backyard garden party. Complete the look with naturally textured hair and simple accessories. 

Claire LaFaye's Delilah Gown

Twirl your way down the aisle all the way into the after party, letting your pearl dusted skirt graze the dance floor the whole way. This Claire LaFaye masterpiece is a dreamy vintage style look comprising of a matching skirt and bodice. Both pieces are made with creamy white lace and a delicate pearl-dotted mesh overlay. Its satin trim asymmetrical skirt will trail behind you with every step, dance, and kiss you take. 

Passion Fruit Moscow Mule

Take a trip to the tropics with this exotic cocktail. Maybe your wedding is in the countryside of California, but that doesn’t mean your signature cocktail can’t be infused with some aloha. Add in a few tablespoons of liquid gold lilikoi (what Hawaiians call passion fruit) to transform a traditional mule and start your tropical honeymoon early. 

Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 2

4oz plain or pineapple vodka
6 tbsp passion fruit pulp (about 4-6 passion fruits)

2 tsp lime juice
Mint to garnish

Divide the passion fruit pulp. Amongst the glasses and pour 1 tsp of lime syrup, or juice, into each glass and gently muddle. Add in 2 oz vodka into each glass and the top with ginger beer. Gently stir and add. A sprig of mint for garnish. Serve immediately.



Hibiscus & Kiwi

Skip the long plane ride to Hawaii and throw your own tropical wedding a little closer to home. Bring in pops of pink and plenty of leafy green accents to start embracing those honeymoon vibes earlier. Don't keep all the fun to yourself, incorporate authentic accents into your groom's own look with a vibrant green lei and subtle pink tie. Give your guests a taste of island life with these acai berry infused cocktails. You two won't be the only one planning a trip after this night!