A Coffee Craving at Cocktail Hour

There is nothing worse than guests who look tired, especially guests too tired to dance. A wedding is a whole-day event and people might start to drain once the ceremony is over. Adding an adorable coffee bar is a cute and much needed addition to the cocktail hour. Keep your party-goers up and awake to dance the night away!

Celestial Drop Bobby Pins

These Celestial Drop Bobby Pins from Anthropologie are a subtle yet beautiful way to easily pin back your hair for the big day. If you're looking for a very natural and relaxed hair-do, these pins will get the hair off your face with a sparkling touch.

Kailijumei Lipstick

A lipstick almost too beautiful to wear, yet these lipsticks were born to be worn by your bridal party! Kailijumei lipsticks with flowers frozen inside are not only beautiful but also a unique: they change color depending on your body temperature. So skip the matching name hangers for ther dresses; give your girls something original they can show off weeks after the wedding.

Hey, Bridesmaids! Pop the champagne...

What better way to ask your bestie to be a part of your wedding party besides champagne and custom champagne? Even better, get your bridesmaids' and maid of honor's names on their very own bottle and pair with your favorite pretty products. Giving these gifts out may be as fun as receiving one, especially if you get to share a glass of their bubbly. Cheers! 





True Romance

The wedding world is saturated with gorgeous imagery and photo shoots galore, inspiring brides to make daring choices on their wedding day. But sometimes, we just like to come across an image so authentic and real that it gives us goosebumps. A moment, captured by an extraordinary photographer, that is one-of-a-kind. This image is all of that for us. It's love, it's friendship, it's romance, and all the other pieces are there, as well: stunning location, gorgeous gown, perfect pose, pretty bouquet, etcetera. And those things are great, but it is the moment, pure happiness frozen in time, that really tugs on our heart strings. 

Beautiful bride and groom portrait at sunset by Rachel Kara Photography.


Wedding Shoes With Wings

Let's be honest; any old satin shoe just isn't going to cut it on your wedding day. You've got style and sass, so your wedding shoes should, too. Kick up your heels and/or spread your wings with these absolutely stunning Sophia Webster winged wedding pumps. 


Geode and Crystal Wedding Cake

As wedding design becomes more and more intricate, bakers continue to up the ante with spectacular cakes to fit the theme, and this one is no exception. This perfectly balanced three-tiered white-fondant-covered cake sports a real geode inserted into the bottom tier and is topped with crystals. This Sainte G. Cake Company design is inspired by the Oregon Coast. 

Holiday Champagne Cocktail

Who doesn't love a crisp champagne cocktail? And when your house is filled with family and friends for the holiday, simple is key. We've got the cocktail for you.

Quick Holiday Champagne Cocktail: 

Made with just a few ingredients, this champagne cocktail is delicious and easy! 

The elderflower can be also be St. Germaine but we love the small batch story behind Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.