San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

Imagine a ship that once embarked on a 47-year odyssey, an odyssey that began one week after the end of World War II and ended with the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. An odyssey which carried that ship into the cross currents of nearly every international crisis in the latter half of the 20th century. An odyssey shared by 225,000 Americans, most of them only a year or two out of high school.

Now imagine holding your event aboard that ship – the USS Midway – the longest serving aircraft carrier in U.S. Navy history!

The USS Midway, now the most visited floating naval ship museum in the world, offers you the opportunity to create a lifelong memory for your guests – most of whom have never stepped foot on an aircraft carrier, much less one of the most famous carriers in U.S. Navy history.

Opened as a museum in mid-2004, the Midway already has been named Event Site of the Year in a national poll of meeting planners conducted by Event Solutions magazine. A living piece of American history, coupled with flexibility as an event venue and an unparalleled location in San Diego, make the Midway the best choice for your event. Welcome aboard!

San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

San Diego, CA, 92101